My travel guides

Here, you can find quick links to the books, articles, and videos that sparked my imagination with perspectives and possibilities. My virtual, evolving, modern non-backpacker’s travel guide so-to-speak. Maybe something in it will inspire you, too.

The entrepreneurs whose books I read, who did backpack and somehow charged my rebel spirit

Then there’s one of the first, premiere US travel writers, Mark Twain, who ascended the Riffelberg in Zermatt in a style I could only dream of – or so he said. And a more current one, Cheryl Strayed, whose book I literally tore in pieces after reading, in symbolism of her journey (then downloaded it on my Kindle, naturally).

For perspective on the life watch dilemma: The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity. The idea that a “three stage life model” of education, career, and retirement no longer works had a lot to do with my gap year motivation. I would go so far as to suggest that this book from London Business School Professors Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott could be “required” reading for all of us related to having a modern career. And it’s a good positive read, too – well, after you get through the first bits about the financial challenges and imagining yourself very, very old.

On the different backpacking choices made by the current generation, take a look at this well-done, fun to read GoldmanSachs perspective. We have based our cartoon Millennial Amelia on similar views.