The joy of the jodel

It’s pouring rain as I write this post, snugly at home on a Sunday evening. Nothing like the sticky hot 34 degree C (that’s 93 F!) Saturday afternoon in these pics. I nearly gave it a pass – the 2017 Confederate (Swiss) Jodelfest – that afternoon. I mean really, couldn’t I see jodeling any time here?  I’m so glad I finally showed up. This festival comes around only every three years. Had I missed it, I could never have imagined the sheer joy and fun shared among musicians who gave 2,200 performances in a day and a half. Just the best-of-the-best: the top performers from across the country’s highly active jodel clubs competed in Brig for ratings. Alphorn players around every corner. And 150,000 visitors sweating it out in the virtual sauna, which seemed to call for the fervent clink of beers!

Here are my impressions, via a photo gallery in the order of my day — and scroll down for a few videos snippets below the gallery to give you a taste of how it sounded. (Mostly I tried to keep my phone in my pocket and my memory full, sharing in the pleasure of the day.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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