360 from here #2: Torino

A couple of weeks ago, I made a short trip to Torino (or Turin) in the Piemonte region of Italy. Although long on my list, it has become trendy lately for its industrial renewal and artsy culture.

I didn’t take many photos; it was a weekend just for me. 

Notbackpacking gave me the excuse to explore the home of the slow food movement and originator of true Italian coffee at my complete leisure. Just stroll around in the sunshine during what would have been cold and rainy Zürich days.

I’ll just give a little call-out to a wine bar, Sughero, whose young owners – a couple – have been too busy to build a website since they opened in 2015. (They are on FB.)  My three small dishes were their answers to what was most special on their menu that evening. All super. Between long, slow bites, I smiled as other guests pulled up on a motorcycle and greeted people walking along the sidewalk. And generally felt fortunate to be there soaking up Italian joy. 

Below: beef tartar, with indescribably fresh olive oil. And yes dear nephews, the beef is raw and that is indeed an anchovy on top! :))


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