What a way to begin…

Herznach Steinstossen Team

Finally. The season started! I could watch the Herznach stone throwing team — here L to R, Marco Leimgruber, Gian Waelchi, Simon Hunziker and Roger Leimgruber  — in action.

Off I went on the first Sunday in May to my first-ever Schwingfest, this one in central Switzerland.

A strong showing it was: in the 20 kilogram (kg) competition, Herznach placed 1st (Simon), 2nd (Roger), 3rd (Gian) and 6th (Marco). Simon also won the 48kg toss (followed by Roger in 4th, Gian in 6th and Marco in 7th).

I am certainly happy to be one of the team’s fans, which makes it fun and a more full experience. I appreciate discovering this long-held tradition through people who love it, one step (er, throw!) at a time. There’s a professionalism that I genuinely admire in the Herznach team — for a sport that so many of my friends know “of,” yet not “about.”

I will get better images the next time, now that I know what to expect. It was surely an eight-hour outdoor day that separated true “Schwinger / Steinstossen” fans from the fair-weather types. This video shows my authentic introduction with the images I managed to capture  — and those first simple moments can sometimes be the ones I remember best.



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  1. Betsy

    Now that was interesting, from scenery to the throw. Do they own their own stones and weigh them before throwing ? Bet they ate a good dinner that night.

    • Jill Allemang

      Thanks, Betsy! The stones can differ from tournament to tournament, as can the weights. Supplied by the organizers, I think. Will check that. And yes, there were plenty of bratwursts around after the competition. I had one, too, in sharing the team spirit. 😉

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