A visit to the home of the gap year

Okay. So my excuse for weeks between posts: March was a “peak” deliverables month in our business. While I did manage to take a weekend tap workshop with Ruben Sanchez (link) from Barcelona and started my German writing course (a story for when I have finally acquired the required German keyboard!), I closed out the full-on month by flying to London to give a speech on behalf of our business.

London river walk, 26 March 2017. Excellent spring weather – no rain!
Back in 2004, I lived in London for six months and have visited many times. Yet, my last landing in London City Airport was before the 2012 Summer Olympics and the overland railway connection! Geez.

It occurred to me that – while the United Kingdom is beyond my 360 from here (link) gap year travel plan – it actually invented the gap year itself. I take that as my reason to list a few things that always make me smile there, all of which flooded happily back:

  • The feeling of having been dropped directly into a BBC series as everyone other than me sounds, well, British
  • The sheer hustle of getting from place-to-place just before 9 a.m. in London City
  • That nearly all people in suits stride to work carrying a to-go coffee
  • The love of cheese and ham sandwiches that are basically smashed between two hot irons and called toast
  • Indian food, my clear preference to toast. (This time, Mint Leaf Lounge restaurant, just around a hidden corner, from our equally nicely-hidden boutique hotel.) British_Breakfast_27Mar17
  • Proper British breakfast that I actually ordered the first morning. “Porridge” like in a Grimms fairy tale, the next.
  • The simple fact that all beer from all nations tastes better in a pub

Of course, there’s also the Tate Modern and theater and hop-on-and-off-red-double-decker-buses and much more. This was a business trip with some hours for walking, which is what I would do anyway, anywhere. I simply enjoyed being around the people in their normal daily culture. Well worth bending that 360 km rule.

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