Why I put a cartoon animation – Amelia – on this blog

I had the sense that a few of you opened the last post – titled Do you remember my model? – thinking it was my personal question, not that of a 23-year-old cartoon girl! I thought it worth a note now that Amelia has made her third appearance: why is she here?

Who Amelia is not:

  • not a younger version of me or who I was at that age. Not at all. I had different priorities back then – I wanted a car and my own apartment. Never occurred to me to do branding for a living. Was for sure no fitness role model, as the jogging craze was just starting
  • not based on anyone, in fact. She’s created by our team of Millennials, plus some insight gained through workshops and research (click here for an excellent, fun GoldmanSachs example)
  • not even the backpacker I might have been, as it turns out

Amelia represents a response to my realization of how a 20+ year-old can perceive a 53-year-old: old! She provides a contrast in perspectives. Most importantly, and even fun, she gives me a reason to talk about these differences. I’ve learned a lot from the Amelia model choices that our team made. Even how they wanted her to look and dress.

In this last episode, Amelia sent me an email and asked for “inspiration.” How should I respond? I actually don’t know yet what I will say. Do you know any 23-year-olds well yourself? Feel free to offer ideas!

P.S. And for those of you who had children later in life, as many of my friends did. Imagine if you have to give this advice a decade from now. It’s a bit intimidating, no? The world and it’s options for people who may have to work the next 50-60 years has truly and fully changed…




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