Dance courage – winter

A lot of you voted in the poll I posted last week – What dance do you think I’m doing?  Thank you! So. As promised, here is a video of my dance experience so far. Recorded during lessons.

A big thank you goes to René Fuerstenfeld for hours of patience and encouragement just as you see him in these few minutes. He helps me feel true joy and humor in the attempt at step-by-step (pardon the pun!) progress.

OK. Here we go. What was I thinking? nabp_final-smile-1x1cm_02-web



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  1. Jill Allemang

    Hi Julie, JFA, Liz, and Urs,
    Thanks very much! It was scary to put that video out there. :)) Really appreciate the support. Let’s see if I can string a few steps together now. I do love doing it.

  2. Liz

    It’s inspiring to see the progress you’re making over time… “leaps and bounds” springs to mind. I’m impressed! Lovely to see your joyful dedication to mastering the tap dance. Looks like your teacher makes it fun too 🙂

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