Do or dont; will or wont?

skatingSome of you noticed that I was on ski’s in my last post. Took a cross-country skating lesson with a friend from Zurich. If I had a “bucket list” (which I don’t actually), xc-skating would have been on it. I’ve been off and on with the classic type for decades.

After finally starting to get the rhythm via a two-hour lesson, I realized I’d have to practice a lot more to get the hang of it & just have fun. Now I have a dilemma: I’m already three hours a week in dance (1.5 x 2 days), plus an hour in Pilates and usually a short jog on the weekend. Still I thought I’d go again because, well it’s my gap year and I felt I hadn’t gotten to the bottom of it yet.

Then, last weekend it rained!

So honestly. Now I don’t know. I liked skating and dream of it’s rhythmic outdoor style. Yet the weather, with my schedule, reduces the chance of having enough time to learn the way I know it goes for me.

Last Thursday evening in dance class, I momentarily brimmed tears of frustration because I was so tired by then – from work and activity combined – that it was making it hard to focus. Frustrated because fatigue from a full-on, positive week obscured my joy in it.

Even with gap year permission, it’s hard to admit when I cannot do it all.

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