Why not?

Thank you to everyone who clicked the dance courage video (favorite colors duly noted!) and read about stone throwing. Both a lot of fun to discover. In fact, I regularly walk out of my gap year experiences with new energy. The unexpected connections and interactions are the best part.

Then, oddly, often a wave of melancholy follows. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!  Well. Why didn’t I do anything sooner? Too busy. Other priorities. Building a life. Something or someone more important. I’ve done my best to figure it out.

It was only when the mirror started to show me that  life will unmistakably move in that skin-getting-loose direction that I finally took the leap to “If not now, when?”

Four months in, I’m starting to simply ask “Why not now?”  Especially when I’ve felt it for years. Do I have a good adult answer? Or so many good excuses?

Or would I say it is somehow more the fear of me being me?


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