360 from here – 1st trip in 10 images

A few weeks ago, I made my first “360 degrees from here” journey. Will share it simply through images and captions. As Mark Twain once wrote about moonbeams shining behind Mont Blanc, we are not always richer for explaining the details. Some experiences, we must feel.

My favorite moments in Sils Maria, Switzerland (16 – 18 December), from 10 to 1:

Silsersee (Lake of Sils, 19 December 2016)
First view of the Silsersee (Lake of Sils), having scrambled up a very small incline to get it
2 Sils Maria
Sun-drenched cold, charmingly still run-up to Christmas in the town center
3 Engadine specialties
Local café with good coffee and treats to tempt even a “salty snack” girl: Engadiner Torte, Silserkugel and Florentines. The Florentines won…
Roundabout on a cross-country ski run! Hopefully soon, the trail will continue straight across a frozen lake. Impressively kept slice of well-known valley trail network (one of the trails runs 200 km). Locals say snow comes later and later over the years
5 Simple Christmas market
Tiny Sunday Christmas market set-up at 10:00, opened at 14:00, finished by 19:00, to vanish shortly afterwards. And somehow still three Engadine Gluhwein recipes to taste test
6 Selfie
My favorite “mountain blue” color just before sunrise; perfect & lovely way to start a day
Easy Alpine trail through rocks (Via Engadina)
8 Via Engadina view
Why a rock trail is worth it
Next morning: a once-tinkling Lake of Sils shoreline stands still, silent, gleaming – winter softly arrives



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