360 degrees from here

360-from-hereWith this post, I’m excited to finally bring forward an idea I had years ago: to focus on travel in a 360 degree circle from where I find myself planted. It’s part philosophy – to keep an open, curious perspective. To be an explorer.

And part to test an optimistic theory that the boundary will drive positive creativity.

So here’s the idea. My gap year travel will be bounded by a 360 kilometer circumference from where I live. Okay, I recognize Zurich’s location nestled between four countries gives incredible options. Yet, I’ve made a lot of long-haul travel, accompanied by a lot of jet lag. I cannot take weeks-on-end to go far away.  So I will test if big travel ideas can give way to equally good little ones right under my nose, so-to-speak.

On this 360 from here map, I have in mind a “top five.” Just trying to work out if I can actually manage five. “Pinned” map to follow! (Where would you go if you could pick five?!)

Travel has made a huge impact on my growth over the years. You’d never have guessed that would happen from my not-backpacking start in life.

But then did any of us really guess correctly what would unfold from our 20-year-old selves – when the world was our oyster if only we really embraced it? When our little first steps, that seemed so big at the time, began to show us who we were?


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