A full-in backpacking friend who now lives here in Zurich once told me that he became an avid reader while traveling because on a backpacker’s budget, you are often waiting for trains, planes, a ride, etc. “To deal with the inevitable, unexpected obstacles, you either need lots of time or money,” he said. “I had time.”

waiting_14octI’m finding my gap time a paradox at the moment. September flew by and what did I do? Well, actually, a lot of background reading. Reserved a few key experiences. Bought the contents of that little red bag in my last post.

Now I just wait for the first booked experience? It’s not ’til November!

What does one do during a not-backpacking gap year when waiting for the “planned part” to happen? Read more? I already read a lot. Work? (That’s been my default during certain periods of my life when doing other things didn’t come easily.)

My best answer so far has been to literally remind myself in the morning that I’m “clicking play at sunrise.” That my gap year is an excuse to enjoy my day – extra chocolate? (gap year!), longer pause at the cafe? (gap year!), really go to that concert? (gap year!), leave the office a wee bit early? (gap year!)

OK, there have been days when I entirely forgot about gapping from the moment I left home until I returned. Yet that’s happening less and less. Curiously, I seem to now find a steady stream of gap options because I look up things that unexpectedly catch my attention rather than just whiz by them.

I notice a growing sense of lightheartedness that seems to come from declaring it a Gap Day even if I’m waiting for gap plans. Even when I’m working. I’ll bet I could have used Gap Days a few other times in my life: while waiting for the right job, the right client project, the right man, the right time for a holiday, the right __. Maybe…

Never mind. Time to click on play again! And just wait. nabp_smile01_3x3cm

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