The plan (!?)

Categories_LO My gap year activities fall into five categories that I first brainstormed into my journal over morning coffee in a favorite cafe. A few scribbling minutes I’ve treasured daily for years.

Under each category, I put at least one activity, which will unfold as the months progress and be dutifully posted here on this blog.

I actually aim for experiences, in most cases, that require me to explore something new – none of which will include facing my fear of heights, btw. That fear is not new, at all; I’ve learned (through some turmoil and wishing I were different) to accept and live with it. So I will never be the great, classical backpacker that I so admire.

I use categories to widen my range. My most-feared and loved category long ago proved to be crazy idea. Starting a business, for example, was once one of those. This blog project, too. When these little sparks of interest first appear in my mind, I instantly try to bat them away because they somehow get too close to my heart or inner desires. Seem nuts. Now I write them down and wait.

Dreams are somehow different. They are maybe more luxuries. Like some years ago when I dreamed of the “perfect” winter break and stayed a week up in the sunny Swiss mountains for the first time. (Every morning – over my coffee, naturally – I felt I was living in a magical world with mountains as the mighty kings of nature. I still love them for that.)

The other three categories were related to that personal and career awareness I’m supposed to get from a gap year. Took me a while to settle on them. Even now, I’m not sure at my age you can predict what will cause personal growthMilestones evolved around events and actions that connect the longer red thread of my life with where I am now. And well-being? Well, ironically, that’s about dropping focus on success and simply trying to enjoy the creative process of living. How I will combine that with the business remains to be seen.

So here we are: key activities outlined. Advance plans and bookings required for them underway. That’s what I can do to get started. Now, back for a little focus on that day job…


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