What time is it in your life?

We – our team and I – created this watch to help illustrate the challenge that underlies my gap year. Four people; four interpretations.

How I saw it:

  • On one side, it says that I cannot do everything and won’t have every option I might dream of, in 17 months or at all.
  • Yet it also points out a big upside. Time will bring new opportunities and ideas as the experience moves along.

On the left, we purposely added a little black arrow of wishful thinking. An occasional yearning to turn the clock back. To me, it shows wistfulness as resource to consider what to do now. We had quite an interesting discussion between our generations about how to interpret “regret.”

In the end, it’s a simple little metaphor aimed to inspire me in moments I need a reminder and stimulate a good conversation, at least in my head:

Jill, shut off the alarm, then press play.  Every morning.  Try new things. Silly, scary or smart. Live the life you have in front of you the best you can today. That may be the best you are actually ever going to do in a gap year or otherwise, girl: remember to click play!

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